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How to deliver your best holiday toasts and speeches

How to deliver your best holiday toasts and speeches

How to deliver your best holiday toasts and speeches 2500 1309 Notable Communications

Most of us are not physically at the office anymore. But this doesn’t mean we are exempt from public speaking. Meetings, presentations, and conferences continue. Virtually all human interaction is going to be, well, virtual for the foreseeable future.

Has COVID-19 put a dampener on holiday plans? You can still get into the holiday spirit! Brush up on your toast-giving skills. Prepare a speech or two. ‘Tis the silly season after all!

Here are some key tips:

  1. Keep it short.
    Any good speech, or toast, is succinct. No one wants to listen to someone rambling on, who forgets what they are saying, and who (embarrassingly) relies on inappropriate anecdotes.
  1. Stick to the point.
    Remember why you are speaking. Make your point. Stick to the message. Get on with the party!
  1. Be sincere.
    Read the vibe and the people before you begin. You only have seconds before they decide whether you are or are not worth listening to. Focus on what you say and how you say it. Sincerity is a big draw card, and one of the most important aspects for effective delivery.
  1. Express gratitude.
    Deliver your message sincerely, and the audience’s attention is yours. Follow with a sprinkling of gratitude. Celebrate the company, hosts, occasion, or just being alive and present. Your speech or toast will take on a whole extra dimension.
  2. Inspire unity.
    A meaningful message inspires camaraderie. It is a reminder of how powerful togetherness is. If you are with your family and friends over the holidays, emphasise this.

Holiday toasts and speeches should be fun! Don’t wrap yourself up in the technicalities. Enjoy the experience and use it to brush up on your public speaking skills.

Feel you need more detailed pointers? Read these:

Good luck and happy holidays!

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