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Thank you mailer inspiration

Thank you mailer inspiration

Thank you mailer inspiration 2500 1309 Notable Communications

As a society and individuals, we obsess about busyness. We want to appear busy all the time.  Your refrains may be “I’m too busy to…” or “I don’t have time for…”Sometimes our preoccupation with busyness prevents us from taking the time to say thank you.

At this time of year, many of us receive gifts from colleagues, clients, customers, or stakeholders. If you cannot thank them in person, a well-written thank you mailer is a good idea.

These are some ways to keep yours earnest and wholehearted:

  1. Keep it simple.This ensures you focus on what is important. The message should be short and succinct.
  2. Keep it meaningful.If you keep your message short and succinct, it probably follows that it will be meaningful too. Don’t stray from the principal purpose and add nothing irrelevant.
  3. Use gratitude to build your ties.Because anger, pride, and resentment poison relationships and infect our thinking about someone or something, acknowledgment, humility, and forgiveness instantly change our perspective. The focus moves from me to us, and you’re able to build bridges rather than raze them.
  4. Thank someone in a way that makes them feel truly valued. Thank someone at an appropriate juncture. Don’t let days, weeks, or months slide past. Acknowledge someone’s contribution by specifying precisely what you are thankful for (name and identify something specific to amplify sincerity).

Not so bad, is it? You will not spend an entire day handwriting messages on cards (unless you really want to), and you will reap the benefits of long-lasting professional relationships and strengthened networks. You’ll come across as considerate, honest, and kind. Aren’t those qualities you want people to remember you for instead of someone who is always too busy to focus on things that truly matter?

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